My Journey began on a sunny afternoon in April 2017.  I was coming into my third month of unemployment after I had quit my ER Tech position and become disillusioned with all things healthcare related.  Its not that working in health care wasn’t a good job, to me it felt like just that anymore…a job.  Like so many other things I had become bored with in my life, my passion for medicine was fast becoming a mundane everyday grind.  The famous “Burnout” had crept in and seized my soul, paralyzing my every move.  So, naturally I quit, as a service to the patients I would of been working with at the time.

Fast forward two and half months later and here I sat on my computer clicking through Indeed job listings each more boring than the last.  Hostess? No. Bartender? Fun, but no.  Comcast Installer Technician? No.  Secretary? No.  EMT-Basic? No.  Medical Assistant? No.  Well, what about college? Boring.  The idea of term papers and grades and struggling through a major that might possibly be obsolete in todays job market had absolutely no appeal to me.  I had even interviewed to be a printing press operator, but had subconsciously sabotaged that interview by refusing to take out all nine of my piercings and dying my hair a decent color.  (If there is one thing I do miss about the night shift hospital life, is that they allowed you to express yourself.  Tattoos and piercings were not frowned upon.  Especially in the ER.).


Suddenly, just as fast as a website page can refresh, there before me was a job listing for a Flight Attendant.  I paused.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Everybody knows how hard it is to get into the Aviation Industry as a flight attendant, and for those who don’t know, well trust me its hard.  Its like trying to get an instagram celebrity you follow to like one of your comments on their photos.  Not extremely rare, but not extremely common eithier.  And continuing with the analogy, the bigger the celebrity (i.e. Airline you wish to work for) the harder it is for them to see your comment and like it (i.e. submit your resume, have it looked over, land an interview, and get the job).

I sat there for a moment allowing myself to dream of the glamorous lifestyle of an international flight attendant.  Hotels, Beaches, Living out of a suitcase, traveling the world.  Then I started weighing the cons.  I am not what you would call a feminate female.  So naturally the idea of wearing heavy faced make up and a dress with heels on top of that repulsed me.  Oh but wait!  Then I heard about the weight requirements and the sexism associated with being a flight attendant.  Oh and then of course there were the pilots.  Yes, pilots are awesome they fly planes get us to and from, but the whole sleeping around with stewardesses and basically choosing his next conquer as if he were at a buffet meal really made me want to throw in the towel.

After several deep breaths and calming my runaway train mind, I began researching the company I wanted to apply for.  After countless reviews, reading the company website, as well as other airline comparison, I decided Omni Air Interntional was the company I wanted to work for.  “Long days out on the road, up to 32 days,” one review said.  Yes!  Absolutely sign me up.  I want to be gone.  “Miscommunication between corporate and flight attendants out on the road,” said another.  Ok, thats like Platoon Sergeants and their platoons fighting with Battalion and Brigade all the time because they don’t see whats happening down on the grown.  I’ve played that game for six years, I can do it again.  I think the best part during my research was the lack of information on makeup, weight requirements and uniform policies that finally pushed me to sign up for a chance to Interview in Dallas and send in my Resume.

I waited.  Finally I recieved a call and an email that was officially inviting me to an Open House with Omni at a Hotel in Dallas.  I delved into my research.  What to wear, what they would ask, do they allow gauges, (after much hesitation and slight mourning, I took my gauges out) how should I act, should I mingle with other canadites, should I not mingle with other candidates.  On the day of the Open House, I decided to go with a White blazer, A black blouse and pants, with white shoes (because nothing says I stand out more then wearing mostly white before Labor Day) and had thouroughly prepped myself with my interview question answers and a thirty second speech about myself that almost sounded like I wasn’t a robot.

I can tell you that day was nerve wracking but also fun.  I met my future training buddies there, realized my loud healthy voice landed me a job, and even snuck in a drug test after the initial job offer.  Then it was on to training.  First starting out in this job, was litterally like a blur.  We newbies refused to breathe until we passed our IOEs (Initial Operating Experience) and were legit flight attendants.  But getting down to the meat and potatoes of a huge portion about why I started this blog, I didn’t realize I needed to heal until after my third or fourth flight.  I began struggling personally again, with motivation, lack of purpose, lack of will.  I realized something was still missing.



Another realization/breakthrough was made on December 28th, 2017.  I had been sitting on reserve for about a month and stewing in my negative thoughts and depression, when I realized travel can be used as a spiritual healing tool for the soul.  Not only was I getting out and immersing myself in new cultures and different ideas, but it was teaching me a lot about myself.  It has been resparking my passions and helping me channel my creativity again.  When I actually stop to look deeper within myself, and without the usual distractions about me, I’ve been able to recognize some things about myself that years of therapy and gobs of medications probably weren’t going to tell me.

I don’t know what it is or why its such a crucial focal point in my journey, but Travel to me, and this Job has been a life saver.  And a catalyst for this blog.  Hopefully, my experiences, trials and tribulations, and overall rambleings can help those who are in need or just serve as entertainment for those who are reading this blog.  But if there is one thing I do know and have discovered on my journey, its that Travel can definitely be used as a spiritual practice.




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