Since I’ve begin my travels as a Flight Attendant, I’ve felt this overwhelming sense of family. Each individual who comes into the aviation industry has their own story, their own journey. I love how we can come together on an Airplane as a new crew and just become completely familiar with each other within minutes. We all bond through one job; first and foremost the safety of our passengers, and secondly our love of travel. Sometimes you’ll meet a couple of FA’s who miss home and are a little tired/exhausted of it all, but you can still see the sense of ease and excitement in their eyes, as we walk through customs, grab our bags, and head to our hotel in the country that we ended up in. We bond, we laugh, we cry, we drink, we get frustrated. Its this bond, this experience that I’ve experienced before to an extent, but never as electrifying as this.

Since my travels, I have never met a more like-minded set of individuals who don’t conform to any sort of standard construct or way of life. As the saying goes, “We are NOT carbon copies of each other.” We are from everywhere. Our world is our playground. Our journey’s are our own, but our paths cross in many ways. To be around such a plethora of diversity and energy has been a blessing to say the least. Its different when your a flight attendant. When your a soldier you have one mission, when your in the hospital the goal is to heal. But as a Flight Attendant, there is no goal, there is no mission. There is only the next destination (safely) and from there who knows.

We all travel for different reasons, mine being a spiritual walkabout of sorts, but to encounter a community of travelers such as this during my time as a flight attendant, I can honestly say the word community itself has been given new life. Community to me has always been a support network of individuals who help you get to where you need to go. But My definition has been flipped. Community now means a support network of individuals who help each other through anything. For example there was a time when I had just started out broke and didn’t really have any money for food, and a “Senior Mamma,” (A Senior Flight Attendant as we like to call them in the industry) invited to me to dinner, gave me some extra cash with no expectations to pay her back. She just remembered being where I was and wanted to pass on the kindness. Or another time when a flight attendant saw me struggling with some of my emotions and peers, and offered for me to come fly with him because he understood where I was coming from mentally.

I think the most important takeaway from my time as a flight attendant and traveling is that I finally feel like I belong. It always helps to be a part of a community who is supportive, but I think the most important key to really “feel” apart of a community is if you really feel like you belong and not feel like an outsider who has just stepped in for some time. Spiritually speaking this time of travel and finding a community where I belong has helped me understand humanity and myself on a whole other level. I look forward to experiencing more and diving more diversely into this subject as I continue my travels. Until next time, thank you for reading.

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